Crafting Research Paper: How To Write A Conclusion Quickly

The conclusion of a research paper is the part that many students can be stuck on for hours. After spending many days gathering the relevant information, and crafting their papers, it can be hard to figure out how to conclude your paper so that your reader remembers the main points that you made during you work. However, there are many tips you can utilize to ensure that your reader remember the main message of your writing, and gains you good marks in your work.


Before we begin talking about the main aspects that you need to include in a conclusion for a research paper, we need to discuss what a good conclusion needs to be. Your conclusion should be a brief summarization of everything you have talked about during the course of your writing. It should remind the audience of the main points you have talked about and why they are important. Since it is the last thing your audience will read, you need to make it concise and impactful.

What You Shouldn’t Do

There are a few rules you should never break when writing a conclusion for your research paper:

  • Introducing a new idea of concept in your conclusion. You conclusion is solely to summarize the main ideas of your writing – not to start discussing something you have not already talked about in the main body of your paper.
  • Incorporating your sources. Your research should only be used in the main body and introduction of your paper. It should not be implemented in the conclusion of your paper, this is a very important point that many students overlook when composing this type of writing.
  • Beginning with overused phrases. Many students start their conclusion by using the phrase ‘ in conclusion’. This comes across as unimaginative and wooden to professors who have seen it used thousands of times. Be imaginative and creative with the use of your words, and don’t fall for clichéd phrases for your conclusion.
  • Do not go into too much depth in your conclusion. Remember that it is a brief summarization.

If you follow these tips on how to craft a goof conclusion, then you should be able to write a high quality conclusion very quickly. You need to remember to reiterate the main points of your essay, since this is the last thing your reader will see, and it is best if they remember the main aspects of your writing.