Wondering about the Research Paper Grading Criteria

The exact method of grading varies from one institution to the other, from one unit to the other, from one supervisor to the other, and also from one level to the other. There are also some online paper grader services where you can get grade my research paper for free services.

Here below are some methods of grading applied in different situations.

  • A+, A, A- (100-90) – The paper is exceptionally written well and everything is in order. It can be described as accurate and ideally, no mistake can be identified in the structure and content of the paper. The paper can be described as ‘exceptional’.
  • B+, B, B- (89-80) – The paper is mostly well written and can be presented as an example of properly written paper, only that it lacks some critical thinking and some of its observations and ideas may be exaggerated a bit or aboriginal. The paper can be described as ‘good’.
  • C+, C, C- (79-70) – The paper is mostly good although there are some general and unclearly presented thesis statement. The sources are not original and the discussion is not critically thought. There is some lack of coherency in the paper, and it can be described as ‘average’.
  • D+, D, D- (69-60) – The paper fails to address the topic and is written poorly. There is no coherence in the content of the paper. There is also lack of understanding of the topic, and the conclusion and observations are weird or unsupported by facts. The paper can be described as ‘poor’.
  • F+, F, F- (59 or less) – The paper is not organized and its content is irrelevant. It is very poorly written. It can clearly be seen that the writer made little or no effort to research. It may also be poorly formatted. The paper can be described as ‘Fail’.
  • ZERO – The paper lacks content and is either plagiarized or not submitted at all. The entire work is shoddy!

The above is just one of the many grading systems that may be adopted. In some other institutions and courses, a different grading may be obtained, and may for instance be as follows –

  1. HIGH DISTINCTION (80-100%)
    • 95-100 (Truly exceptional)
    • 90-94 (Exceptional)
    • 85-89 (Outstanding)
    • 80-84 (Accomplished)
  2. DISTINCTION - Good (70-79%)
  3. CREDIT - Modest (60-69%)
  4. PASS - Fair (50-59%)
  5. FAIL (below 50%)

Before submitting the paper, it is recommended that you subject it to research paper grader and see how you would score if the paper was submitted to your supervisor in that state. You can check here to find out what grade your paper will get, if it were submitted to your supervisor today.