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What is research paper?

A research paper is the most challenging document which a student has to write before finishing his or her career. It is a nearly 100% independent project in which you will have an advisor to help you out but you will need to do the entire job by yourself. In addition, there are quite a few requirements which you will need to comply with and, of course, a deadline. In this article, we show the basic guidelines for the research and creating process; we also include a word on the formatting issues.

Getting Started

First, unless you have been given a topic for your dissertation, you will need to narrow down the subject according to some consideration. On one hand, you should always try to focus on a topic you already know. However, depending on your department, this could be easy or impossible. What matters is that you develop a topic according to the expectations of your department. In order to make this decision, you should check previous

Writing Ideas